CLO2—The World Urgently Needs to verify anecdotal evidence of its healing properties

MMS is a proven destroyer of viruses and bacteria approved for use as an external disinfectant by the USFDA. So we know that it destroys coronaviruses. We also know that the FDA has approved its use for disinfecting water. In fact, it is used for this purpose by municipalities around the world. This shows that its presence in water, at some concentration, is safe for human consumption. The only question is whether the higher concentrations, used to cleanse the body of
harmful bacteria, viruses and other toxins, are safe for human consumption.

There is much anecdotal evidence supporting its effectiveness as a body cleanser, which collaterally aids the body in repairing damaged caused by invasive germs and substances. Why, given the present global crisis, are we unwilling to spend the money needed to verify what the anecdotal evidence indicates, so that what is already attested by many who have experienced its good effects can be trusted by all who are in need of them, thus benefitting millions of people everywhere.

This argument for expediting research not only discredits those who slander the testimony of myriad people already using MMS. It points to the slanderers’ inhumane, vindictive motives. People of goodwill should stand together to demand that the US Government, and indeed all truly humane governments throughout the world, join in sponsoring the empirical studies needed completely to verify the health benefits of MMS which the anecdotal evidence suggests. This verification of human experience has ever been the most importantly humane employment of scientific research. A concerted effort may produce results that increase public confidence by producing regimes for the effective use of MMS, which would provide a notably inexpensive way to defeat the predatory parasites presently stalking human health around the world. The only people who take a hostile view of this prospect are those determined to use science exclusively for profit, at the expense of human life, health and happiness.

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